Specialized training packages

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Different populations may require specialized training approaches to help them optimize their training and performance, to assist them in recovering from injury or to support them through their clinical care.

Our team of highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable trainers have the expertise required to help support all types of specialized populations.  

We have specialized packages to meet a variety of needs including:

  • Injury Prevention

  • Athletic Performance

  • Endurance Training

  • Mobile/Off Site Training programs

  • Aqua Strength PT

Corrective Exercise Package 

$400.00 - 6 session  package (6 weeks, weekly)                 $750.00 - 12 session  package (6 weeks, bi-weekly)               *payment plans available

All Corrective Exercise sessions are performed by a NASM CES Certified trainer and include static and dynamic postural movement assessments; inhibiting and lengthening techniques for hypertonic/overactive muscles; isolated strengthening techniques for underactive muscles; integration techniques to enhance muscle balance and reestablish function. 

Training package includes a CES Assessment Report and a home training program designed to support the corrective process. 


Mobile/Off Site Training Packs 

 At Generate Fitness, our trainers meet your where you're at...literally!* Our mobile/off site options allow you to train from the comfort of your home, from your work or from another designated area. Includes Aqua Strength PT * 

Individual Mobile Packages

  • 4 sessions $75.00 per session

  • 8 sessions $70.00 per session

  • 12 sessions $65.00 per session

  • 24 sessions $60.00 per session

Partner Mobile Packages

  • 4 sessions $55.00/per person

  • 8 sessions $50.00/per person

  • 12 sessions $45.00/per person

  • 24 sessions $40.00/per person

Small Group Mobile Training Sessions
(3-4 participants)          

  • All sessions $ $40.00 for a group of three/per person

  • All sessions $35.00 for a group of four/per person

*Travel charges for venues outside Edmonton may apply.                **Facility fees may apply.

Endurance Training Package

$400.00 - 6 session Pacer Package (6 weeks, weekly)      $750.00 - 12 session Elite package (6 weeks, bi-weekly)  *payment plans available

All Endurance Training programs are designed by Certified Personal Trainers with significant experience in endurance training including running (5km, 10km 1/2 marathon, marathon and ultra distance), cycling (short and long distance), swimming (short, long and open water), and triathlon (Sprint, Olympic, 70.3, 140.6). 

Programming can tailored to all levels, from beginner to competitive performance. 


Game Changer Athletic Training 

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level? Our Game Changer packages have been designed with the pro/semi pro athlete in mind, but are available to everyone who is ready to take a serious step in their fitness conditioning. 

All Game Changer packages include one-on-one etlite level training from one of our CSEP-Certified Gold Standard Trainers. Packages include comprehensive program design addressing all aspects of physical fitness and conditioning, as well as nutrition coaching specifically tailored to your fitness needs. 

  • $350.00/month (3X 30min sessions/week)

  • $600.00/month (3X 60min sessions/week)

  • $425.00/month (4X 30min sessions/week)

  • $720.00/month (4X 60min sessions/week)

* Payment Plans available.