Founders Club Agreement

Welcome to the Generate Fitness Founders’ Club

The following agreement outlines the Generate Fitness Founders’ Club (GFFC) details, terms and conditions. It is considered binding upon the Founders’ Club member up to and until the 30-day cancellation notification has been served, and upon the owners of Generate Fitness only upon violation of the contract terms.  


GFFC Membership Agreement

  1. Agreement – This agreement is between Generate Health and Wellness Inc., hereafter referred to as “Generate Fitness”, and the individual electronically signing this document thereafter referred to as “member”. This agreement is entered on the date tracked by the electronic signature.

  2. Studio Privileges – Member agrees that they are entering a contract for membership to the Generate Fitness studio located 17210 106a Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta. The member understands that their privileges only extend to this facility, at this time.

  3. Membership activation: Member understands that the this agreement is active upon payment.

  4. Membership Duration- Initial Term: Member further understands that the minimum commitment to this agreement is 3 calendar months from the date of signature after the first day of active membership (October 15thst, 2018). Member agrees that there this agreement shall remain valid even if the member relocates or is otherwise inconvenienced by attendance at GFFC.

  5. Membership Auto-Renewal: Membership will be renewed on a monthly basis up to the point of this contract becoming cancelled by either party. (See Cancellation Policy- By Member and Cancellation Policy- By Generate Fitness)

  6. Monthly Payment Options – Members will be invoiced via Omnify 2 days before monthly renewal date. Payment will be accepted via PayPal through link on invoice, or by cash, cheque, credit card or e-mail transfer.

  7. If payment has not been received by the start date of your classes, membership will be placed on a hold until arrangements for payment are made. Payments that are outstanding by more than 15 days will result in membership cancellation.

  8. Cancellations – Member agrees that all requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing to No other methods (verbal, via social media, via instructor, etc.) of notice for cancellation shall be valid. Member must submit the request for cancellation a minimum of 30 days before a renewal for cancellation request to be valid.

  9. Membership Holds – Member may pause their membership for a maximum of one months per calendar year by providing a 14 day advanced notice in writing to No other methods (verbal, via social media, via instructor, etc.) of request for holds shall be valid. During this hold period no privileges are extended.

  10. Rights and Privileges :

    1. Pre-registration for and Reserved Spaces for up to 7 classes/week:

      1. Members will be given early access to the schedule and opportunities to pre-register in up to 7 classes a week, for up to 3 months at a time.

      2. Members will be advised ahead of time on any scheduling changes that may occur and will be given priority registration on any new classes that may be added to the schedule.

    2. Unlimited drop in group fitness options

      1. In addition to their 7 weekly classes, members will have unlimited drop in privileges to any class of their choosing, based on space availability. Members will be able to register using the Generate Fitness app and will have unlimited credits.

    3. 15% off additional services/programs including: Spark!, workshops. *Special Events and fundraisers are excluded

      1. Members will enjoy 15% of all additional programs and services offered by Generate Fitness, including the Fuel Your Fire program, Personal Training packages, and Spark!

      2. Members will also be able to participate in one full 8 week session of Spark! as one of their 7 registered classes.

      3. Additional access to Spark! will be on a drop in basis only. Spaces may be limited.  

    4. 15% off merchandise and equipment purchases

      1. Members will enjoy a 15% discount off all regularly priced merchandise and equipment.

      2. Sale merchandise and equipment do not qualify for additional discounting.

  11. Restrictions and Limitations:

    1. Class Cancellation Policy:

      1. Members must follow the Generate Fitness cancellation procedures outlined in the Generate Fitness Membership Manual for both registered classes and drop ins.

      2. Failure to follow the cancellation policy three times or more in a thirty (30) day periods will result in a ‘Strike Month” on the member’s account.

      3. Three “Strike Months” within a twelve (12) month period may result in termination of the Founders’ Club membership.

      4. Should members have their Founders’ Club membership revoked they may be eligible for regular membership upon the payment of any accounts owing.

  12. Limitations on discounts:

    1. Special events may be excluded if they are held outside of the studio/facility.

    2. 15% discount applies only to services, products, and equipment being sold exclusively by Generate Fitness. It does not apply to third party sales, or programs, services and products that may be offered by partners or contractors associated with the facility.

  13. Membership Cancellation Policy- by Member

    1. Founders’ Club memberships, and all rights and privileges extended herin, will remain in effect as long as the member maintains continuous membership with the Club.

    2. Continuous membership includes a one-month per year opportunity to place the membership on hold provided that the appropriate notice period has been served.

    3. Should a member choose to cancel their membership, 30 days written notice via email is required at

    4. Members who cancel their membership are not be eligible for renewed Founders Club Membership in the future but may be eligible for regular membership at the studio’s discretion.  

    5. Members will continue to enjoy their full privileges during the cancellation period.

    6. Members may revoke the request to cancel their membership at any time during the 30 day notice period.

    7. Memberships can not be cancelled within the first 90 days of membership.

    8. Should a member choose to exit the Club upon the completion of the three month mandatory minimum, they should provide written notice no later than 30 days into their contract.

  14. Membership Cancellation Policy- by Generate Fitness

    1. Generate Fitness reserves the right to cancel a Club membership for the following reasons:

      1. Non-payment

      2. Failure to adhere to policies and procedures outlined in the Generate Fitness Membership Manual, including but not limited, to class cancellation policies.

      3. Gross violations of personal conduct and/or illegal acts.

      4. Closure of the facility and/or sale of the business.

    2. Generate Fitness maintains the right to define, describe and carry out grounds for termination of contract.

  15. Electronic Signature – All parties agree to use electronic signature

End of Agreement – This Agreement ends at Paragraph 15.

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