are you Ready to fall in love with your life?

You can

  • Be happy in your own skin

  • Find joy in moving your body

  • Learn a mindful approach to nourishment

    Then you are ready for FUEL

    A strategic approach to wellness that encompasses physical activity, nutrition and self care.


Our program will include:

  • A respectful, supportive, shame-free approach to your health, your body and your individual goals.

  • An individualized 45 mins consultation with one of our Change Coaches to help identify your personal values, vision and goals, to  pinpoint your motivational triggers and barriers to change, and to design a customized strategic health plan that will set you on a path to success.

  • A program specific daily journal to help you document your progress and trace your path to success.

  • Access to our GENERATE: FIRED UP Facebook community including resources, live programming, and daily support.

  • Access to monthly workshops centered on health and wellness topics, led by certified professionals.

  • Online fitness videos to help keep you physically active.

    Design the life you’ve always wanted. We’ll help take you there.

    All of this for 12 weeks for only $249

At Generate Health and Wellness, we understand that your goals include more than just your body size and that there is no one size fits all solution to your health. You need a meaningful, personalized plan for how to live your best life - fuelled from the inside out!  

Using the most current evidenced-based research and methodologies surrounding behaviour change management, the FUEL program is designed to support you through making concerted and mindful choices surrounding your self-care, including but not limited to your nutrition and your physical activity habits. While the program is fully customizable to your individual needs and goals, certain foundational benchmarks are outlined and serve as guideposts towards making healthier, more intentional choices.

FUEL offers a personalized approach to wellness, within the motivational context of a group environment!

By better understanding how your current life patterns affect your body and your health, you will become empowered to make more mindful choices surrounding your self care.  From nutrition to fitness, and from sleep to self-esteem, our program uses the most up to date science on behaviour change management, nutrition, exercise and goal setting to help you reach your full potential.


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