Meet Wendy: The Wonder Woman

To her family, friends and participants, Wendy is known as the Wonder Woman!

To her family, friends and participants, Wendy is known as the Wonder Woman!

Most who have been active in the local group fitness community are probably pretty familiar with the name Wendy McCormick!

A 22 year veteran of the industry, Wendy has been one of the most prolific fitness professionals in the Edmonton area. She holds designations from the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA) in Choregoraphy, Portable Equipment, Cycle, Mind/Body, Active Older Adults, and Ever Active Kids. In addition, she is a Zumba (B1/B2), Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids, TRX, High Fitness, Bender Ball and Aquafit instructor! Wow- that’s quite the resume.

She joins us in addition to her current contracts with multiple local studios and schools, along with her main gig as the Adult Fitness and Lifestyle Supervisor of the Jamie Platz YMCA. If that sounds like a busy schedule, it’s because it is! But that’s exactly how Wendy likes it. Part of what drew her to the fitness field was that it gave her the opportunity to off load her abundant supply of energy, while simultaneously giving her a chance to connect with as many people as possible and allowing her to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s a busy life, but it’s also a joyful one.

If Wendy were a colour, there’s no doubt that she’s be a bright, sparkly pink to match her bright smile and sparkling personality. But as warm as she may be, she’s not known for going soft on her participants! Along with being encouraging and energetic, Wendy is strong willed and brings that meticulous determination to her training programs. No matter what class she is teaching, you should definitely come prepared to work up a serious burn and walk out soaked in sweat.

To her friends and class members, Wendy is known as the “Wonder Woman”- possibly because she told us that she relates so much to this character! Of the superhero, Wendy says “She’s everything! Classy, strong, smart, compassionate.” Who wouldn’t want to be Wonder Woman?

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We are extremely excited to have her join our team and know that you will fall in love with her warm heart and passionate spirit, just as we have!

You can join Wendy on Monday evenings for Transformer at 515pm or on Tuesday mornings for Fuze at 915am.

Welcome, Wendy!