Shahneen: Serving it Sweet, with a side of Sass!


A familiar face to many in our community, newly minted Personal Training Specialist (CanFit Pro) Shahneen is no stranger to fitness studios! A part of the Generate Fitness team since its inception, Shahneen was involved in supporting the Free Fitness Summer initiative, teaching both online and live classes around the area. Now she is excited to get her feet wet as both a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Her own career started as a participant in fitness classes, sarcastically joking her way through TRX or Tabata or core exercises. Known for her humour and wit, Shahneen fell in love first with her fitness community and then with the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes when you not only get involved in achieving your own goals, but start to lead others in their goals as well.

After spending many years as a dedicated stay at home mom/small business owner, Shahneen decided to venture into the world of health and wellness in order to help make a difference in people’s lives. She explains: ”Loving fitness taught me to love myself. I want to bring that joy to as many people’s lives as I can. I am inspired by watching people achieve what they never imagined.”

For Shahneen, family always comes first. Her favourite superhero is her mom, because she can do “all the things”! Maybe that’s part of why Shahneen finds her inspiration in loving and supporting her family. If she could pick three words to describe herself, they would be “bad ass Mom”.


A true princess through and through, Shahneen loves to bring a touch of glamour to the world and gravitates towards all that is hot pink and sparkly! But that sweetness comes with an edge- she has a serious side of sass and she isn’t afraid to use it to help motivate her classes to dig a little bit deeper and try a little bit harder.

We are so excited to formally welcome Shahneen to the team and to watch her grow and develop her passions for fitness, health and leadership!

You can find Shahneen leading SURGE on Wednesday mornings at 915am, or contact us to book her for a personal training consultation!