Lorelei: Intuitive. Assertive. Strong.


While the first thing you may notice about Lorelei is her warm smile and welcoming personality, it sure won't take you long to be struck by her exceptional knowledge of the human body and her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding.

A six year veteran in the field of human movement, Lorelei entered the field from the service industry (mostly Starbucks, which may explain her coffee obsession!).

While becoming a fitness professional had never truly been on her radar growing up, movement had been a large part of her life as a dancer and gymnast. However, it was actually her fear of gyms that finally pushed her into the field! She explains: “I realized that I felt intimidated by the gym and it left me feeling insecure about my body and fitness capabilities. Since I’m the kind of person who turns towards a challenge, I decided that I probably wasn’t alone in that and could possibly find a niche within the field.”

Lorelei holds a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She is a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has working with clients of all sizes, shapes, abilities and ages.

While it may be her fantastic knowledge base definitely sets her apart as a trainer, Lorelei's clients will tell you that it’s her warmth and vivacious approach to life that keeps them engaged.

Whether she's rocking out to her favourite Disney music workout compilation, or challenging her clients to silly competitions and games, Lorelei aims to keep her workouts motivating and fun.

Above all, it is Lorelei’s sincere love of the human body that drives her programming. When asked which was her favourite muscle, she couldn't choose! She answers: “Some research suggests that the body is really just one big kinetic chain. Does that count? I mean, the body as a whole is just amazing. Especially when it moves all together. It’s really like art and I just love watching the body move well.”

Some more fun facts about Lorelei include:


Lorelei also speaks ASL and has a deep passion for inclusion and acceptance for people of all backgrounds. She hopes to one day pursue Psychology and explore even more deeply her interest in human behaviour.

She would like to thank her partner for being so supportive of her during this transition. she is the epitome of accepting someone for who they” and his support always gives her the confidence she needs to move forward.

As a final thought, Lorelei adds that her favourite quote is: “When it gets tough, we’ll hold each other's hands” as it encapsulates what it means to work together and be a team.

We agree fully, and are overjoyed to have her on ours! Welcome, Lorelei!