Ashley: The Human Glitter Bomb

Pound and Cardio LIT/ High Fitness instructor Ashley Lumme-Levesque is already a well-known face to many of us at Generate Fitness.

A specialized teacher for children with developmental disabilities by day, Ashley added fitness instruction to her portfolio about 18 months ago after falling in love with her weekly high intensity aerobics classes. This was one of the first times she experienced exercise as being “ and she knew that she wanted to share that experience with others. The “fun remains a high priority for her when choosing her program styles.


Despite her small stature, everything about Ashley is larger than life! Described by her friends as a “human glitter bomb”, Ashley aims to spread positive energy everywhere she goes. In fact, her entire personality can be pretty accurately summed up by her description of herself as a crayon: “I'd be unicorn glitter. That smells like sunshine and happiness. If the crayon has to be one that already exists, then hot pink glitter!”

Ashley finds her inspiration in the people around her: “I’m inspired by my family and friends and how much they know. They are always willing to share their knowledge and help others grow.” She also finds inspiration from her students. “They come to school and listen to us and try their best so often, even though we ask a lot of them. They are seriously great kids.”


When not working or teaching, Ashley is a very family-centered person, opting to spend as much time with her husband, Jo, and her 5 year old daughter, Kalena, as possible. Together, they take on as many new adventures as possible, already having travelled to many exotic locations around the world.

Though she would jokingly tell you that she can be a bit of an “acquired taste", Ashley lives by the model of self acceptance. Like her favourite quote- “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”- Ashley is known for accepting people as they are and being a safe, non-judgemental friend and leader.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that she lets her participants off easy! She knows that if something doesn’t challenge you, it won't change you and brings that growth mindset to everything she does.

She's a whole lot of life in a deceptively small package, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Ashley, thanks for being a part of the Generate Team since day 1. We are so grateful for you and your amazing spirit.

You can catch Ashley subbing and co-teaching a variety of CardioLIT, Pound Fitness and Alternator Classes!