Thessa: The Dancing Queen

One thing is certain: Thessa definitely loves to dance!


She started taking Zumba classes way back in 2008, when the program was relatively new in the fitness field, and she has been loving it ever since. In 2016, Thessa formalized her Zumba love by taking her instructor certification and began teaching in large-scale facilities ever since. While the dancing aspect of Zumba was the most appealing factor, Thessa also loved that it emphasizes fitness and health. Through her career as an instructor, she has been able to manage her early onset blood pressure condition and live the healthiest life possible for her and for her family.

When she isn’t dancing, Thessa can be found beating the drums- which makes it no surprise that she was excited to add Pound Fitness to her program offerings. Thessa certified in Pound last spring and is excited to begin teaching classes soon.

When it comes to music, Thessa loves a solid beat, and is especially drawn to pop music, R&B and Hip Hop. That said, she has a serious nostalgia streak, and can be frequently found enjoying an old school Backstreet Boys track.

Thessa is inspired by her family. She is blessed to have two wonderful sons and a loving and supportive husband who believe in her and cheer her on all the way. She doesn’t feel out of place in a full family of boys, though. Her love of board games, lego and all things Star Wars, Sports, and Harry Potter help her to fit right in with them.

When it comes to her personality, Thessa likes to keep things light and fun. She considers herself to be most like Ernie from Seasame Street, beccause he is humble, kind, genuine and a little silly.

44395343_2152027921791406_6561588612327014400_n (1).jpg

Her participants love her gentle, good humoured personality. Thessa always brings a little extra warmth with her everywhere she goes- it’s in her smile, and the way she makes ever person she talks to feel welcomed and accepted.

We are so lucky to have her on our Generate Fitness team and are super excited to see her make here debut in January teaching the new Zumba/Pound hybrid on Sunday nights at 715pm.

Welcome, Thessa! We can’t wait to get dancing with you!