Jason: Personal Training Made Me A Better Dad

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Generate Fitness client Jason has been training with CSEP CPT Kyle Lobb since long before Generate was even an idea. Jason shares his story in today's #iamgenfit client testimonial:

When I first started training with Kyle, he was still a student at NAIT. I had struggled for my entire adult life with being physically active in large because of my kyphosis-lordosis scoliosis and severe internal rotation of my hip. These structural and muscular issues caused me great discomfort and significantly reduced my quality of life. Despite my best efforts working with doctors and chiropractors, difficulty with movement was my normal.

Kyle Lobb supports Jason with his chest press on a stability ball.

Kyle Lobb supports Jason with his chest press on a stability ball.

I opted to train with Kyle because he was strongly referred to me by Zita, and because I knew that his education at NAIT included a great deal of training on correctional exercise techniques. I was hopeful that Kyle would be able to support me through learning how to move safely again.

I knew upon meeting him that he would be an exceptional match for me. His high level of professionalism and incredible attention to detail was exactly the approach I needed to help me feel safe and confident in training. Now, two years later, I am not only able to lift up my children- I can lift my 80 lbs son with one arm and carry him for hours if needed.

Kyle literally changed my life. My weekly appointments with him are always challenging, offer great variety and innovation, and are fun and motivating. But above, I walk away every week knowing that I am stronger- physically and mentally- because of the work we do. He makes me a better parent, a better partner and a better person.

Every time I pick up one of my kids, I know that a big part of why I can do so safely is because of my amazing trainer, Kyle.

Jason, 37

Financial Controller and Dedicated Dad