INTRODUCING: Affirmagrams!

We’ve often said that health is a complex interplay of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness and that, as a company, we are committed to supporting people as they work on all aspects of their personal health journey.


Whether it be by working a sweat in the gym, challenging your mind in book club, growing your social network over a coffee in the lounge, or providing free fitness opportunities to enhance mental health, we are always looking for ways to expand the ways in which we address comprehensive health.

And, of course, we love to find ways that are not only unique and innovative- but that are also fun and a little silly, kind of like we are!

We are super excited to be launching the #GenFitFam Affirmagrams!


Wait! What the heck is an “Affirmagram”?

What a wonderful question! You’ve heard of telegrams before, right? Well an Affirmagram works the same way.

Inspired by the science of positive affirmations and the importance of social validation to our mental health, our Affirmagram program will allow you to send and receive positive messages from community members (or from yourself if you feel the need for a pick me up!), all the while raising money to help fund our ACCESS class, a free weekly class that is designed to help remove economic barriers to fitness programming.

There are 12 different Affirmagram themes: Wish, Love Life, Carpe Diem, Smile, Thank You, For You, Be Happy, Shine, Love, Hope, Dream and Happy Day.

The cards are located on the shelf in the lobby area, beside the collection bin. Each box contains 30 individually sealed pop open cards with individual messages hidden inside.


On the back of these little cards, there is a space for writing the recipients name and a personal message.

Send an Affirmagram in 4 simple steps:

  1. Pick Your Affirmagram Theme

  1. Write your message (don’t forget to write the recipient’s name)

  2. Choose your donation amount ($1.00 minimum, $2.00 recommended)

  3. Slip your donation and card into the collection bin

Marsha and Zita will check the collection bin daily, and will ensure that your special message makes it way to its intended recipient at their next class!

And that’s it!

It’s that simple to make someone’s day, and help us to fund free fitness programming while you do it!