Functional Integration Training for Autistic Children, Youth and Adults

Focused on fostering a lifelong love of movement, the DiversiFIT programs are designed to provide the fundamentals of physical fitness and exercise to Autistic children, youth and adults, as well as their families and their caregivers.

Each DiversiFIT program has been uniquely designed to provide developmentally appropriate movement options in a fully supportive and accepting space that is respectful of each individual’s capacities, abilities and interests.

DiversiFIT programs are designed and delivered by Qualified Exercise Professionals with significant backgrounds in early childhood development, physical education, clinical/adapted exercise prescription, and inclusion.

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Early Learners Program

When it comes to getting a strong start on an active life, you can never start too early! Many Autistic children also experience dyspraxia, or other delays in gross motor skills and coordination.

Through play-based activities, parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to learn how to best create an active learning environment to better support physical literacy.

Parents are actively encouraged to participate and engage in joyful play with their children, while learning various skills that they can integrate at home.

Early Learners Program: Ages 2-6 years

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Child and Youth Programs

Getting kids moving is one of the very best ways to support their physical, emotional and social well-being. Children and youth benefit from active play in ways that extend far beyond the playground.

Our program options include the Family FIT program, where parents, siblings and other caregivers are encouraged to actively participate in program delivery, as well as Youth Programs, where older teens are provided safe opportunity to get physical activity and engage in social learning with their peers.

Family FIT Program: ages 8-16 years

Youth Programs: ages: 12-21 years

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Autistic Adult Program

Physical activity is just as important for adults as it is for children! Unfortunately, many adults experience barriers of access when it comes having safe and accessible training options, particularly those living with developmental disabilities.

Our Adult Program provides a low-cost, low-sensory, specialized training environment for those wanting to become more physically active but struggling to find options that are suitable to their needs. Adult programs include education components and nutrition support, to help create a healthier lifetsyle and improve quality of life.

Autistic Adult: 18 years +

Community support programs

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Workshops and Presentations

A leader in the field of Adapted and Inclusive Fitness programming, DiversiFIT Founder Zita Dube-Lockhart (BA, CSEP CPT/NASM CES/AFAA GFI) is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator for community programs, schools, and service providers. Workshops topics have included: “Play: Learning Through Movement”, “Physical Activity and the Autistic Youth”, and “Fitness For All: Conceptualizing Inclusive and Adapted Movement”.

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Inclusive and Specialized School Program

DiversiFIT offers specialized school programs for both inclusive and specialized education settings. Movement patterns are scaffolded and presented in such a way as to ensure that all levels of fitness and ability are able to benefit and enjoy the activity.

Modified program options include: Zumba®, Pound Fitness®, Kids Gone Strong Bootcamps, Circuit Craze, and Weight Lifting (14+ only).