Introductory Special $119 for 3 sessions, contact us to set up your free consultation


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Kick your fitness training up a notch by applying a customized approach to your goals. Personal training allows you to hone in on your needs, your training style and works around your schedule and life. Get to know our team of highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable trainers here!

One On One Training Sessions

  • 4 sessions $70.00 per session

  • 8 sessions $65.00 per session

  • 12 sessions $60.00 per session

  • 24 sessions $55.00 per session

Partner Training Sessions

  • 4 sessions $50.00/per person

  • 8 sessions $45.00/per person

  • 12 sessions $40.00/per person

  • 24 sessions $35.00/per person

Small Group (3 or 4 participants)

  • All sessions $ $35.00 for a group of three/per person

  • All sessions $30.00 for a group of four/per person