School fitness programs

Generate Fitness is home to an exceptionally qualified team of fitness professionals, including Personal Fitness trainers, Child/Youth Fitness Specialists, and NCCP Certified Athletic Coaches who are experienced and knowledgeable working with a broad range of ages and ability levels. Along with our feature programs, our Child/Youth Specialists are able to custom design packages and programs that meet the needs of any group.

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Our certified Pound Pros don’t just deliver a work out; they deliver a rock-inspired fitness experience.

Channeling the fun and invigorating experience of drumming, Pound Fitness is a total body cardio-strength program that integrates the entire movement spectrum. Participants are encouraged to explore every plane of motion, including various standingand sitting positions, while they beat there way through an amazing work out.

Pound Fitness can be performed by all ages, but is best suited to 12 years and up.

Generation Pound is a specialized early learning program designed for school age children 6-12 years old. (Coming November 2018)

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Zumba Fitness and CardioLIT Dance Fitness

Let the music move you as you dance your way through a total body work out. Whether your students are drawn to the exotic rhythms of Latin America or prefer the Pop hits of Canada’s Top 40, the sweat factor will be almost as high as the fun factor!

Zumba: A cardio-dance party, Zumba incorporates fun dance style movements into aerobic fitness routines. Primarily set to Latin-American and World music. Appropriate for all ages.

CardioLIT: Cardio-meets-strength in this lightly choreographed dance-inspired format. Set to contemporary music that children know and love, these simple and easy to follow movement sequences are both fun and effective. Appropriate for all ages.

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Generate: Kids Gone Strong Child/Youth Strength Programs

Resistance training for strength is a critical aspect of health and fundamental component of training children and youth. Current research indicates that children under the age of 17 should be engaged in low-to-moderate load bearing strength training 2-3 times per week. This can include using light free weights, functional training equipment, resistance machines, and body weight.

Our CSEP Qualified Exercise Professionals (QEP) are trained and experienced at designing programs that are applicable to children of all ages and abilities. Programs can be custom designed to the needs of the class, and can include modalities such as bootcamps, circuits, small group training, field training and interval training. Appropriate and modifiable for all ages.

Statement On Inclusion

At Generate Fitness we believe that every body and everyone should have access to safe, accessible and fun fitness programming that makes them feel successful. All children are welcome to participate in our programs and all programs can be modified and adjusted to be accessible and enjoyable by all.

Our Child & Youth Program Specialist, Zita Dube-Lockhart (CSPE CPT/NASM CES), has an extensive background in Disability Supports, Inclusion Learning and Accommodated and Adapted movement and is the creator of the DiversiFIT Inclusive Fitness model.For further information on DiversiFIT or to schedule an Inclusive Fitness consultation, please contact us.


Single Bookings

$100/ 30 mins session

$125/ 45 mins session

$150/ 60 mins session

$175/ 75 mins session

$200/ 90 mins session

Multiple Bookings

$150/ 1-4 60 mins sessions

$140/ 5-8 60 mins sessions

$130/ 9+ 60 mins sessions

$350 Half Day (up to 3 hours)

$650 Full Day (up to 6 hours, not including lunch)

Artist In Residence

$2250 1 Full Week

5 days, up to 30 instructions hours (not including lunch). Days must be consecutive.

$4200 2 Full Weeks

Up to 60 hours of instruction. Can be 10 consecutive school days or two sets of 5 consecutive school days.