SPARK! Light your inner fire.


At Generate Fitness, we believe that all bodies are valuable and worthy of respect.

We are firmly committed to ensuring that all our classes are safe, inclusive and enjoyable for people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities. In fact, we guarantee it

However, we also recognize that there can be a lot of fear surrounding fitness facilities, and that setting up an environment for success sometimes means needing a safe environment designed for you!

This is why we have designed SPARK!, an 8-week introduction-to-fitness workshop designed to meet the needs of specialized populations including new exercisers, plus-size exercisers, those living with injuries/disabilities, and those who otherwise feel that a slower, more modified approach is appropriate for them. 

All for J̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶$̶9̶9̶.̶0̶0̶ FREE!!!*

That’s right! As of June 1st, we will be offering the SPARK! Program for FREE* to committed participants.

Described by participants as "game changing" and "life altering", SPARK! takes the fear out of fitness and helps you take the first steps towards a more active lifestyle.

Participants pay an initial deposit of $99.00 to save their space in the program. If they participate in at least 6 of the 8 week classes, this entire deposit is refunded in full, with no penalties or fees.

This isn't a gimmick or trick. There's no catch. All we ask is that you commit yourself to showing up for the space you reserve, at least 75% of the time. It's that simple.

Read more about the program details, terms and conditions here.

Sky performs a modified burpee using a bench and walk-out technique.

Sky performs a modified burpee using a bench and walk-out technique.

Variety is the spice of life!

Over the course of your 8-week program, you will be introduced to a wide variety of fitness class types and activities including strength training, cardio training, core conditioning and even trendsetter programs like Pound Fitness and Open Barre. 

You will be given the chance to try our most popular classes, to meet several different instructors and truly immerse yourself into our amazing fitness community.  The exercise portion of the program lasts approximately 50 mins and is designed to prove to you that low impact doesn't mean low quality! 

Carol pushes through her last set of incline bench press using dumbbells.

Carol pushes through her last set of incline bench press using dumbbells.

On-Site Experts, Ready To Support You

Our Spark! program is taught by highly trained and skilled Group Fitness instructors who also hold designations in Personal Fitness Training and are experienced with working with a variety of populations including: Seniors, Plus Size, Disability/Chronic Injury, Disease and Illness, and Mental Health.

Our team of experts also includes Corrective Exercise Specialists, Behavior Change Specialists, and Nutritionists who are all equipped to help answer questions surrounding your health and wellness. 

CPT/BCS Zita leads a workshop on physical activity.

CPT/BCS Zita leads a workshop on physical activity.

CPT Marsha leads a group through "Tire Flipping" and "Sledging" as part of a program on Functional Fitness

CPT Marsha leads a group through "Tire Flipping" and "Sledging" as part of a program on Functional Fitness

Weekly Seminars To Help Further Your Knowledge and Confidence

Every session of Spark! is paired with a short 10-15 mins seminars/videos on topics relating to your wellness journey. These topics will touch on topics including learning about the different "pillars" of physical fitness and how each plays into your health, the role of healthy sleep, rest and recovery habits, the art of energizing your body through mindful nourishment, and managing injuries/set backs. 

Participants will be given handouts every week summarizing the main topic points and designed to enhance self-reflection and personal growth and will have an opportunity to chat with professionals about their own personal needs and questions.    

An Amazing Community of Support, Encouragement and Friendship

At Generate Fitness, we truly believe that a community is strongest when it embraces each member's individuality. We are better because of our differences, not in spite of them. While many of us share in fundamental values and beliefs, we are all individuals engaged in extraordinary journeys of self-discovery, together.

In this program, you will meet other like you, and others still who are different from you. You will forge friendships and thrive through the encouragement and support that a community brings, and discover things about yourself you never knew before. Together, you become a stronger you.

Zita & Marsha are two of the most body positive people I know. On top of that they are just truly nice, genuine people who have a passion for fitness that they want to share. You never have to be ashamed of any limitations as they have built a space that is 100% inclusive for every person, no matter their shape or size. And they’re are super fun and cool too! They make working out fun!

~ Janel D.

You will not meet two more genuine women who want to help you succeed at your wellness goals. They are knowledgeable and very willing to share that knowledge. There’s never any judgment as they are 100% inclusive and body positive. They take the time to show modifications (including burpees) so you can workout at your personal level. Marsha and Zita are freaking awesome and make each workout enjoyable and positive.

Jennifer J.

For further information, program details, terms and conditions, please follow this link.